South East Marts & Hailsham Market

Upcoming livestock auction sales

We conduct regular livestock auctions at Hailsham Market on

Mondays and Wednesdays. See Diary for dates.


We sell prime cattle, sheep, pigs,

cull cows and overage beef, calves

cull and breeding ewes, store lambs, goats & store pigs.

Selling times:-

11.00 am  -  Calves

11:30 am  -  Sheep

12.00 pm  -  Pigs

12:30 pm  -  Cattle.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Store Cattle sale    Auctioneer: Roger Waters Monday 20th September 2021 entries include: 29 Friesian steers, 16/17 months from Richards Agriculture Ltd. 21 Simmental cross steers and heifers suckler bred 10/11 months from TJ, RT & CD Siggs. 20 Simmental cross & Sussex cross steers and heifers, 12/15 months from KD Wheeler & Son. 16 Simmental cross steers & heifers 15/17 months from Jane Andrews. 11 Limousin cross & Aberdeen Angus cross steers 15/24 months from Cheeseman & Griffiths. 12 Aberdeen Angus cross steers & heifers, 18/19 months from P Bignell. 12 Charolais cross steers and heifers 7/9 months from P Woodley. 11 Hereford cross steers, 13/16 months from H Venters – Shepherds Publishing. 11 Charolais cross steers and heifers, 5/25 months from Mrs P Homan. 10 Sussex cross, Limousin cross steers and heifers 9/19 months from J Wright. 6 Bazadiase cross & 7 Sussex cross steers and heifers, 5 months from K Shields. 5 purebred Sussex steers, 17 months from J King. Plus many other good entries NEXT sale of STORE CATTLE Monday 4th october 2021 The earlier they are entered the better we can advertise them.                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IMPORTANT NEWS FOR SHEEP KEEPERS IN ENGLAND 2015 - CHANGES TO ID & RECORDING Identification of lambs:- • Slaughter lambs tagged from 1st January 2015   must be identified with an EID tag, this can be:- • A single yellow EID slaughter tag, or • Full EID - one yellow EID tag and a matching non EID tag **This change does not apply to lambs already tagged in 2014** Recording movements of older sheep - tagged before 2010 • From 1st January 2015 their individual animal numbers must be entered on movement documents This does not apply if they are moving:- - to slaughter - within your business to a holding where you are their keeper - to a CPRC - if they are already electronically tagged •  These animals can still be batch recorded in your holding register • We recommend you re-tag these animals with EID tags    if you do not intend to move them direct to slaughter ~~~~~~~~~~~~ For those selling cull ewes under the hammer - keep all your options open by EID tagging your sheep, i.e. one yellow EID tag and one matching non EID tag. Ewes not EID tagged can only be sold for slaughter Trading Standards have also noticed that a few people are tagging their sheep in the pens on market day, all sheep should be tagged on the holding before travelling to market All other livestock marketing operations on a Wednesday continue as normal.

Monday sales of store cattle:

Store Cattle sales are held on Mondays, weekly throughout the spring and autumn and fortnightly

throughout the summer and winter months.

Entries for our forthcoming sales of Store Cattle can now be taken by e-mail, let us know your entries now: Catalogues for each store sale can also be downloaded, see:  Latest livestock reports On the farm sales of machinery and implements: Held periodically throughout the year, to see our latest auction dates and to download a catalogue for our forthcoming sales see:  On-the-farm & collective machinery.

Collective Sales:

Held periodically throughout the year at Ardingly, Herstmonceux, South Godstone and Hailsham, to

find out more about our forthcoming dates and to download a catalogue when available see:

On-the-farm & collective machinery.

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